Reviews – Painting Landscapes with David Dunlop

ARTIST MAGAZINE – Issue: June, 2005
“Sure to teach, challenge and entertain.”

Painting Landscapes with David Dunlop – Program 1 – Oil    Running Time: 2 hours
David Dunlop is a nationally well-regarded painter and an excellent teacher. He’s engaging and funny and without doubt, he’s dynamic in the classroom.  His newly released video, which takes place both in his Connecticut studio and in the field, brings the classroom to your living room as Dunlop discusses and demonstrates his techniques for finding, designing and painting landscapes in oil. Unlike other oil painting videos, Dunlop incorporates lessons from the masters and a thorough discussion of composition. Cool features: A relaxed, classical soundtrack as well as a “painting morphing” showing the progression of the painting from start to finish.

VIDEO LIBRARIAN 3.5 Star Review Starred Review
Issue: March/April , 2005
“Fun and Comprehensive.”  “DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED.”

3 discs.  120 min. ea.  DVD.  SimmonsArt, PPR. 

October 15, 2005 issue
Painting Landscapes with David Dunlop. 3 vols. color. range: 105-130 min. SimmonsArt, 212-396-1621; 2004. ea. vol: DVD $79. Public performance.

Program 1: Oil; Program 2: Acrylic; Program 3: Watercolor. Art-instruction
Art students and teachers as well as amateur and professional artists will enjoy these clearly explained and perfectly paced videos by Dunlop, a classically trained artist with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute in New York City. He discusses basic supplies (various styles of brushes, types and colors of paint), the mechanics of selecting colors, and the variety of brush strokes that can be used to produce unique, inspiring paintings. Each of these videos has a section devoted to painting plein-air or out in the field. Watercolor includes a short history of watercolor painting, covering classical and modern styles. Classical music serves as a pleasant and inspirational background. Dunlop includes highlights of art history in his narration as well as motivation for the student painter. Each video concludes with stills of Dunlop’s method to illustrate the evolution of the process. Judiciously edited and technically well photographed, these videos will help artists learn and improve their techniques; recommended for public, academic, and secondary school libraries. -Susan C. Awe, Univ. of New Mexico Lib., Albuquerque.”

April, 2005 issue

“SIMMONSART, producer of instructional art programs, announces a new series of painting lessons on DVD featuring artist/ educator David Dunlop. Painting Landscapes with David Dunlop presents this engaging teacher both in his studio and in the field, as he discusses and demonstrates his techniques for finding, designing and painting beautiful landscapes.  Dunlop has an inspiring, informative and energetic teaching style, and shares his extensive knowledge of painting theory, history and methods.  The programs in the series focus on oil, acrylics and watercolor techniques.  Designed to be accessible for art students no matter what label, each DVD in the series is approximately two hours in length and includes a study of selected masters and a demonstration of techniques. .”